Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Wire.

This week: Intense. Summarized...

Piece together words.
Necklaces of sounds and lines
so why is this hard? get the idea.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I wish I had something more profound to say.

This entry is called blue not because I'm blue but because I'm sitting in an incredibly blue cafe looking at an incredibly blue sky. Listen to Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky" and take a walk or something. It's a walk-through-the-park kind of day.

Today is also excellent because I got a package in the mail.

I think everything should be sent in the mail. It's so much better knowing that someone sent you something. Wouldn't it be amazing if you sent in your school papers by mail and received them in a really cryptic-looking manila envelope? While sending in taxes aren't so great, isn't it great getting money in the mail? And National Geographics with all the adventure/nature/tribal/nudist pictures and the fresh ink smell? And wouldn't you rather open Christmas presents in brown boxes that had addresses with people's handwriting all over it? Perhaps they would even write "Fragile"...I don't even know who sent me my package and I still love it. Someone probably named Erma or Hank. Both of them probably have saggy tits.

At any rate, I received my long-awaited fisher pants, which I highly recommend.

This week will be hell, but a sadistically welcome one, I've decided. The stress of paper-writing and tying up loose ends means that this is the home stretch. Rest and relaxation lurks around all our corners.

P.S. I've decided my favorite string of swear words is fuckdamnshitbitch. As if it were one word. Try it. Or don't :)